Space trip…

Did you ever question yourself how someone came up with idea to freeze dried fruit and vegetable?

Some findings sees Inke use it in 15 century thanks to living enviroment. Frozening foods during the cold period in the year and then drying it because of the mountain’s conditions, make it possible to prolong food life in the conditions that are keeping the taste.

However, original modern freeze dried process has been set up during the 60’s, when NASA was looking for new technologies and “space” food. They were looking for food that will preserved all the nutrition in food, prepared food that is lighter and easy to use. They want astronauts feels like eating home…

That is how they finalized freeze dried process where meals were cooked, frozen and then in vacuum chambers dried in order to take humidity out of the food. 98% of nutrition were kept with only 20% of their weight.

1969. freeze dried food was on the first flight in the space during the Apollo 2 mission on the moon and since they it was official food for astronauts.

Handful jagoda[2]

Every meal has power to connect people

Handful adventure – healthier way of food preparation

Food is one the most inspiring source. To prepare unique and healthy meal is an really art. We are witnessing increasing number of food- bloggers and Instagram posts about foods. Everyone on its way is adding personal touch in preparing food, combining old recipes with new food. Trends in food preparation are changing so quickly.

No matter if you are in the beginning of your cooking story or you are experience chef, Handful freeze dried fruit will help you to add some specialties in food preparation. It will give you a final touch both in decoration or taste.

Fresh food is crucial for meal preparation. But some of fresh fruits has tendency to fall apart during the preparation and some of the fruits could be used only during the season. Handful can help you when it comes to this, keeping the real fruit taste during the whole year.

In comparison to dried fruit, freeze dried fruit doesn’t contain sugar, or has that gummy taste. Freeze dried fruit is simple fruit where the humidity has been taken. All nutrition, colors, tastes and smells remain the same. Because of that, Handful freeze dried fruit is perfect pall in your cooking routine. Because of its texture, Handful could be added in both sweet and salt meal, with no mess around.

How you can use Handful:

  • Handful freeze dried fruit could be crushed in powder. It will help you in your cake decoration or added as a part of your cookies;
  • Handful freeze dried fruit is perfect for recipes with berry fruits and could be used during whole year no mater of season.
  • Handful freeze dried mixed with granola for your breakfast;
  • Delicious fruit sauce out of Handful? Yes please! Sky is limit. Mixed blueberries with cream, cherry powder and Greek yogurt, or strawberries with mascarpone cheese…
  • Strawberries milk shake? Why not – sweet, pinkie, creamy, tasty and very IG drink. And the kids will love it. All you need is a Handful strawberry, little honey and milk. Blend it and its ready.

You can find more delicious recipes from one of the famous food bloggers in Serbia.

Share your Handful moments with us.

Bon Appetite!

Inteligentni obroci2

Intelligent snacking!

We all know about importance of the food, especially when our body is under stress or hard workout. Balance in food is key for health according to studies that been conducted all over the world. Not to mention that efficiency of any kind of workout is connected with food intake.

One of the most important thing is timing – when do we consume certain food. Do we take food before or after our workout, differently influencing the results of it.

How it works?

Most of the people – beginners especially, neglect what is important when you take food before or after workout. Main aim when you taking food before workout is to prepare your body in a way to fulfill the task. And aim of meal after workout is to recover your energy and good feeling about your body.

Meals that been consuming before workout should be based on proteins and baste carbohydrate, so the best choice would be vegetables and vegetables shakes. Meals after workout should bring back energy, and that is why the logical choice would be carbohydrates. That is why we have strong wish for candies. Our advice would be to take healthy snack, natural sweets that in pack in a Handful bag -100% of fruit.

Handful fruits is 100%  natural fruits, w/o any additional sugars or artifical colors, no allergens and no gluten. Taste of our freeze dried fruit is full and intense and snacking from the bag will make you easier to pack in any occasion.

Your body will get vitamins and minerals that you need, and wish for candies will be minimized.

Try and let us know your opinion!


Tasty driving :)

Holidays are here, and we all want to travel somewhere. But sometimes traveling with the kids is really challenging. Preparing meals for longer trip in car, thinking about activities for the kids and be careful with taking sugar and juices, is really challenging for every mom.

Food during the traveling is not only a need, but also can be used as a tool for limiting stress and boring. That is why it is important that snacking is not full of sugar which on the long way increasing the nerviouses.

One more important thing is mess in the car (garbage and papers out of sandwiches, sticky fingers, chocolate mess or stains out of fresh fruit…)

Handful is freeze dried snack, smartly design to keep the fruit on most natural way. There is no limitation when it comes to daily intake, it is 100% fruit, no additives, no sugar, no preservatives, only fruit. There is no artificial colors or sweetener. Handful will become your healthier choice.

Kids love it, and you will love it too :)

Poslednji letnji dani

The last summer days

The end of summer is close, bringing about more obligations, new tasks, and a new calendar year. Fall is approaching, the time of the year in which we need better organization, clearer appointments and warmer clothes.

The lively scenes of hot streets, the blue of the sea and sunny balconies will make room for the golden tones of fall. A warm brown, orange and red color will add a special charm to the new season.

You must admit – you miss the pumpkins, the leaves under your feet, take-away coffees and nibbling “on the go”.  After all, this is the period preceding winter, when we need to take better care of our bodies and prepare them for the approaching viruses and colds.

On the move, especially during breaks, we tend to consume greater amounts of sugar in order to maintain our energy and concentration at an enviable level. We are aware that, over the long run, this causes more problems than benefits, we enter a vicious cycle of obligations, stress and bad nutritional decisions. Consequently, our bodies suffer and our immune system gets worse and less able to fight off potential colds.

We happen to have good news for you. We are aware how much knowledge, love and effort we have invested into presenting you a new, healthier nibble. Try Handful and begin the fall prepared for possible challenges with exactly the dose of the right vitamins and minerals you need.


Mum says you may!

One of the shortcomings of our modern lifestyle is the lack of time to deal with important issues in raising our children. There are ever-growing challenges for parents not to give in to the multitude of pressures and choices surrounding us. Fast food has become a regular phenomenon and the constant balancing between preparation time and our desire to provide healthy and valuable meals for our children is becoming increasingly difficult.

This is where Handful emerged. We had a product being 100% natural and 100% healthy and it was important to us that people who really want to eat healthier can find a product on the market whose nutritional values completely satisfy their daily vitamin, mineral and potassium needs.

Handful, the new fruit snack, is a cleverly designed nibble that can be consumed in different ways. Handful, a lyophilized fruit snack, is 100% natural, without added sugar, artificial colors or gluten. It is made of top-quality fresh fruit. Thanks to fast freezing at very low temperatures and the subsequent dehydration of the fruit in a vacuum, the fruit structure and all nutritional values can be preserved.

In a package that can be carried anywhere (on excursions, to school, on public transport, etc…), you know that you provided your child with a nibble that contains nothing else than 100% fruit.

Zalogaj za desetku

A 100% first-class nibble, 100% honesty

Nowadays, food is not what it used to be in our childhood, neither concerning flavor, nor smell or ingredients. We often hear how, for example, watermelons or tomatoes do not taste like they did ten years ago. We can apply that sentence to almost all fruit and vegetables. So seriously, what has happened?

Modern times bring about fast food, permanently fresh fruit and vegetables, even during the winter season, instant ripening and a relatively long product storage life. Consequently, we cannot define the food we consume as reliable, healthy and safe.

So which things we can safely say are like that? Probably only the ones we have insight into or for which we are acquainted with the relevant processes from the beginning to the end.

Let us introduce you to the production process of Handful products and show you why we can claim them to be a healthy nibble.

Lyophilisation is the best and a qualitatively outstanding fruit or vegetable drying process. The fruit is first frozen at an exceedingly low temperature, upon which humidity is extracted via a vacuum system in a chamber. Depending on the product and recipe, the drying process can take up to 25 hours. In the course of the process, sublimation transforms ice into water vapor. In that way, dehydration is carried out, and more than 95% of the water evaporates from the fruit or vegetable, which then retains all its nutritional values, color, smell and taste. The size of the fruit is smaller, but the flavor and smell are preserved as in fresh fruit.

We use technology developed by NASA, which was already used by the old Aztecs, in order to ensure 100% naturalness and 100% honesty of Handful.

Fruvita malina43.jpg

And during your daily break, a handful of fruit

Breaks help us to refresh our energy and focus on important things again like tasks, children or important conversations…

Spain and Italy are among the countries with the longest lunch break. The traditional Spanish “Siesta”, being a three-hour break in the middle of the workday, is known globally and really works. Italians, on the other hand, regard lunch as the most important meal and close their stores between 1 and 3 pm without any problems, in order to enjoy the specialties of the domestic kitchen surrounded by their families

The rest of the modern world still does not understand the benefits resulting from taking a breath away from work requirements and obligations. Surveys show that half of employees cannot even take a short break because of a too big workload, while a third of employees complain about the pressure applied by managers to make them work, even during their seemingly paid break. Due to the implicit or explicit expectation of their uninterrupted availability and not to miss any information of (vital) importance, many employees, in the best case, have lunch at their office desk, as stated on the portal, Psihobrlog.

A study conducted by Charlotte Fritz, professor of Organizational Psychology at Portland State University, has shown that mini-breaks from work, like telephone calls or checking social media are not only connected to not decreasing fatigue, but they even amplify it. Thus, it is important how we spend our break, but also how long it lasts. Concerning the preference of family, healthy nutrition and mental health before the company interests, we can learn a lot from Italians and Spaniards. 

Based on these findings, we recommend that when you take a break, you combine it with something healthy, something that will provide enough vitamins,


Tea for two and Handful for all

How often do you drink tea and which is your favorite?

Even if our culture prefers fall and winter for hot drinks, many peoples consume them during the summer months as well, as part of a relaxation ritual or as opportunity to take a break.

The benefits of tea do not need to be mentioned – they improve digestion, support weight loss, help us to fall asleep, calm down and heal. If a hot drink is enriched by nutritional ingredients of plants and herbs, it becomes more than just pleasure.

How about the connection of Handful with tea? Our dried fruit can enrich, complete or amplify the flavor of tea and make it more interesting and better.

We suggest you round out your next tea party with the slightly sour flavors of Handful’s cherry and strawberry. Cherries as fruits are known for their antioxidizing effect protecting cells against mutation and reducing the risk of an emergence of malign diseases. Due to the great amount of potassium, it supports the excretion of liquids from the organism and has a beneficial effect on the reduction of blood pressure. It helps in cases of gout and if you lack iron – you should definitely include it in your diet. The regular consumption of it reduces the risk of an outbreak of diabetes. The strawberry, on the other hand, is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and helps improve male fertility.

In order not to bore you too much with this “dry” information, we suggest you test some over a month and see its power for yourself.

Cherry is part of our offer for a reason. We discovered its benefits and we will happily share it with you!


Nova zdravija grickalica od liofilizovanog voća.

Handful predstavlja prirodni izbor i dodatnu vrednost vašoj ishrani.

Upoznajte Handful, a u ostalo ćete se uveriti i sami...

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