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Did you ever question yourself how someone came up with idea to freeze dried fruit and vegetable?

Some findings sees Inke use it in 15 century thanks to living enviroment. Frozening foods during the cold period in the year and then drying it because of the mountain’s conditions, make it possible to prolong food life in the conditions that are keeping the taste.

However, original modern freeze dried process has been set up during the 60’s, when NASA was looking for new technologies and “space” food. They were looking for food that will preserved all the nutrition in food, prepared food that is lighter and easy to use. They want astronauts feels like eating home…

That is how they finalized freeze dried process where meals were cooked, frozen and then in vacuum chambers dried in order to take humidity out of the food. 98% of nutrition were kept with only 20% of their weight.

1969. freeze dried food was on the first flight in the space during the Apollo 2 mission on the moon and since they it was official food for astronauts.


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