Tea for two and Handful for all

How often do you drink tea and which is your favorite?

Even if our culture prefers fall and winter for hot drinks, many peoples consume them during the summer months as well, as part of a relaxation ritual or as opportunity to take a break.

The benefits of tea do not need to be mentioned – they improve digestion, support weight loss, help us to fall asleep, calm down and heal. If a hot drink is enriched by nutritional ingredients of plants and herbs, it becomes more than just pleasure.

How about the connection of Handful with tea? Our dried fruit can enrich, complete or amplify the flavor of tea and make it more interesting and better.

We suggest you round out your next tea party with the slightly sour flavors of Handful’s cherry and strawberry. Cherries as fruits are known for their antioxidizing effect protecting cells against mutation and reducing the risk of an emergence of malign diseases. Due to the great amount of potassium, it supports the excretion of liquids from the organism and has a beneficial effect on the reduction of blood pressure. It helps in cases of gout and if you lack iron – you should definitely include it in your diet. The regular consumption of it reduces the risk of an outbreak of diabetes. The strawberry, on the other hand, is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and helps improve male fertility.

In order not to bore you too much with this “dry” information, we suggest you test some over a month and see its power for yourself.

Cherry is part of our offer for a reason. We discovered its benefits and we will happily share it with you!


New healthier nibbles made of lyophilized fruit.

Handful is a natural choice and adds value to your diet.

Try Handful and you will see the rest for yourself...

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