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Handful adventure – healthier way of food preparation

Food is one the most inspiring source. To prepare unique and healthy meal is an really art. We are witnessing increasing number of food- bloggers and Instagram posts about foods. Everyone on its way is adding personal touch in preparing food, combining old recipes with new food. Trends in food preparation are changing so quickly.

No matter if you are in the beginning of your cooking story or you are experience chef, Handful freeze dried fruit will help you to add some specialties in food preparation. It will give you a final touch both in decoration or taste.

Fresh food is crucial for meal preparation. But some of fresh fruits has tendency to fall apart during the preparation and some of the fruits could be used only during the season. Handful can help you when it comes to this, keeping the real fruit taste during the whole year.

In comparison to dried fruit, freeze dried fruit doesn’t contain sugar, or has that gummy taste. Freeze dried fruit is simple fruit where the humidity has been taken. All nutrition, colors, tastes and smells remain the same. Because of that, Handful freeze dried fruit is perfect pall in your cooking routine. Because of its texture, Handful could be added in both sweet and salt meal, with no mess around.

How you can use Handful:

  • Handful freeze dried fruit could be crushed in powder. It will help you in your cake decoration or added as a part of your cookies;
  • Handful freeze dried fruit is perfect for recipes with berry fruits and could be used during whole year no mater of season.
  • Handful freeze dried mixed with granola for your breakfast;
  • Delicious fruit sauce out of Handful? Yes please! Sky is limit. Mixed blueberries with cream, cherry powder and Greek yogurt, or strawberries with mascarpone cheese…
  • Strawberries milk shake? Why not – sweet, pinkie, creamy, tasty and very IG drink. And the kids will love it. All you need is a Handful strawberry, little honey and milk. Blend it and its ready.

You can find more delicious recipes from one of the famous food bloggers in Serbia. https://www.instagram.com/handfulfreezedriedfruit/

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Bon Appetite!


New healthier nibbles made of lyophilized fruit.

Handful is a natural choice and adds value to your diet.

Try Handful and you will see the rest for yourself...

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