Intelligent snacking!

We all know about importance of the food, especially when our body is under stress or hard workout. Balance in food is key for health according to studies that been conducted all over the world. Not to mention that efficiency of any kind of workout is connected with food intake.

One of the most important thing is timing – when do we consume certain food. Do we take food before or after our workout, differently influencing the results of it.

How it works?

Most of the people – beginners especially, neglect what is important when you take food before or after workout. Main aim when you taking food before workout is to prepare your body in a way to fulfill the task. And aim of meal after workout is to recover your energy and good feeling about your body.

Meals that been consuming before workout should be based on proteins and baste carbohydrate, so the best choice would be vegetables and vegetables shakes. Meals after workout should bring back energy, and that is why the logical choice would be carbohydrates. That is why we have strong wish for candies. Our advice would be to take healthy snack, natural sweets that in pack in a Handful bag -100% of fruit.

Handful fruits is 100%  natural fruits, w/o any additional sugars or artifical colors, no allergens and no gluten. Taste of our freeze dried fruit is full and intense and snacking from the bag will make you easier to pack in any occasion.

Your body will get vitamins and minerals that you need, and wish for candies will be minimized.

Try and let us know your opinion!


New healthier nibbles made of lyophilized fruit.

Handful is a natural choice and adds value to your diet.

Try Handful and you will see the rest for yourself...

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