Real summer cake.
Raw of course 🙂

Refreshing, melting, creamy… summer is here.

👑🍍Pineapple Queen🍍👑

For base:

▫️250 g wholemeal ground flour
▫️150 g ground almonds (nuts, hazelnuts…)
▫️3 spoons of coconut protein
▫️125 g melted butter
▫️Juice out of 1 lemon
▫️2-3 spoon of honey
▫️2-3 spoons of coconut milk

Mix together all ingredients well. Stir it in mold 24cm size covered with baking paper. Leave it in freeze until you preparing cream part.

▫️500 g mascarpone cheese
▫️4 spoon of sour cream
▫️100 g coconut sugar
▫️1 vanilla sugar
▫️1 gelatin
▫️300 ml sweet sour cream
▫️1 @handfulfreezedriedfruit freeze dried pineapple (40 g)

Mix cheese, sour cream, vanilla and sugar. Leave it aside.
Gelatin make it with few cold water spoons and leave it to work.
In the meantime, mix sweet sour cream.
Gelatin warm on 15 seconds. In this add two spoons cheese mix and then with the rest of it.
Mix it with sour cream mix.
Add Handful pineapple freeze dried fruit and slowly mix it.
Stir it over the base and leave it over the night.

Cover cream:
▫️200 g white chocolate
▫️200 ml sweet cream
▫️1 little spoons of vanilla
▫️1/2 bag @handfulfreezedriedfruit pineapple freeze dried fruit (20g)

Mix all the above ingredients and cooked it in low temperature. Leave it for 10 minutes and then mix it.
Stir it over the cake.

Receipe is done in cooperation with Jasminom Kovarbašić.


New healthier nibbles made of lyophilized fruit.

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