Mila @milinkuvar prepared for us delicates cookies with our freeze dried cherries and white chocolate. For more delicates recipes visit her profile.


210 g flour
½ little spoon bicarbonate of soda
¼ little spoon salt

125 g melted butter

180 g sugar

1 vanilla sugar

1 spoon orange pill
1 egg

1 Handful cherry, 100 g white chocolate, chopped in small pieces

Heat oven on 180C. Set two a parchment-lined baking sheet. The first step in making these easy chocolate chip cookies to to combine the dry ingredients in a medium size bowl, flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt. Cherries mix in nutri bullet and add to flour mix. Next, cream together butter and sugars, make sure to soften the butter early by taking it out of the fridge at least two hours before baking so it’s ready to go when you need it. You can also warm it in the microwave for about 7 seconds, but be very careful not to melt it. Once butter/sugar mixture is beaten well, add the eggs & vanilla and beat to combine

Add dry ingredients and stir until just combined. Then add the chocolate chips and beat until they are evenly distributed throughout the dough. Leave it in freeze for 15 minutes. Once the cookie dough is finished, it’s time to portion and roll the dough using a cookie scoop. place them evenly apart on a baking sheet (about 1.5 to 2 inches apart) and bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes. The most important piece of advice I can give you is – DO NOT over-bake.

They will look a little doughy when you remove them from the oven, and that’s good. After 10 minutes put them into cooking wire. Melt white chocolate and decorate cookies after they cold with some freeze dried fruit crunches.


New healthier nibbles made of lyophilized fruit.

Handful is a natural choice and adds value to your diet.

Try Handful and you will see the rest for yourself...

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