Handful is travelling with you… find us on NIS gas stations…

Do you thinking about traveling… as we do?

The same question is hanging in our heads. Should we go on the vacation? Should we travel? Will borders will be open, do hotels are working, is my passport is still valid? Or just stay and travel our own county? Decisions are not easy.

What we think about, is how we could easier that trip and worries about snacking during it. And traveling with the kids in the car for 10 or 12 hours could be exhausting: how do we entertaining them, how make it easier and fun, and on the end how to feed them?

During the traveling, no matter if we traveling by car, bus or plain, fiscal activity is down to minimum. Experts advising that we should take food mostly easy to digest. Therefore, instead of heavy sandwiches full of mayonnaise and ketchup, you should probably take more fruits or nuts. And since it is not easy with fresh fruits, Handful is here to help you. Handful is freeze dried fruit, 100% fruit, produced with special technology in a way to preserved all the food benefits w/o any additive or color added. Be sure that your child will get the right dose of healthiness.

Great news! Handful could be found on NIS gas stations now. And while you are taking gas, kids will get their snacks. Healthy and delicious, with no marks on the backseats.

Handful traveling with you!

Share your moment from traveling 🙂


New healthier nibbles made of lyophilized fruit.

Handful is a natural choice and adds value to your diet.

Try Handful and you will see the rest for yourself...

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