Handful on CIIE in China

Boundaries do not exist when you have good product.

We truly believe that our freeze dried fruit has world wide quality and all existing certificates are proofing about that. Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU), HACCP compliant, FSSC 22000 certified by TUV SUD, GMP, FDA and USDA compliant, Organic certified by Ecocert SA according to EC and NOP organic regulations, Serbian organic regulation and BIOSUISSE and Sedex are one of them.

Then our reply on kind invitation of Serbian Chamber of Commerce was simply logical. Take a look on small part of atmosphere from this CIIE fair in China. We do really believe that Handful freeze dried fruit just start world wild tour.


Challenge for Olympic athletes

Handful ambassadors are people in who we do believe deeply, representing our values completely in their everyday routine. That is why we pick them very carefully.

We had an opportunity to cooperate with some wonderful people in the past, food bloggers, chefs, lifestyle bloggers, moms, public persons… and we are more than proud in each and every cooperation.

Still, this one was very dear and inspiring. As a brand who would like to promote healthy way of leaving and food, sports was something logical to be a part of our promotion. We are very proud that our country is one of the most successful when it comes to sports woman and men. Profesional athletes live life that is not easy. They invest lot of effort and time in a way to reach the best scores. One of the key element on this way is food. It is not secret that food is one of the most important part in everyday of both professional and non professional athletes.

Therefore, with great pleasure, we would like to announce new Handful ambassador. He is not only athletes, but Olympic athletes in decathlon. He is a great man and humanitarian worker, natural lover in animals, Mihail Dudaš was natural choice for this role. We believe this is a long standing friendship.

Please look how Mihail challenge himself with Handful freeze dried fruit.

Black Sheep & Handful, dream team :)

What is your first assosiation on summer? Seaside, beach, ice cream…

We know that this summer was different, many of you would not take that trip. And its not easy. However, we shouldn’t let this influence the best season of the year.

There are so many ideas to do the things that we planning for years and still do not find time for it. Renovate your porch, take online course from Italian, teach how to cook your favorite dish… and eat your favorite ice cream because summer is not summer without it.

They made best ice cream in the town, we are best in freeze dried fruit… we are so proud on this collaboration and natural because we believe in quality… Black Sheep ice cream & Handful is dream team.

Therefore, run and try the most original tastes in the city when it comes for ice cream… green tea with freeze dried strawberry, cherry with chocolate, lemon and mint, mascarpone and raspberry with roast nuts… and lot of new, different unbelievable ice cream tastes… until we lost our imagination… but we won’t 🙂


Handful is travelling with you… find us on NIS gas stations…

Do you thinking about traveling… as we do?

The same question is hanging in our heads. Should we go on the vacation? Should we travel? Will borders will be open, do hotels are working, is my passport is still valid? Or just stay and travel our own county? Decisions are not easy.

What we think about, is how we could easier that trip and worries about snacking during it. And traveling with the kids in the car for 10 or 12 hours could be exhausting: how do we entertaining them, how make it easier and fun, and on the end how to feed them?

During the traveling, no matter if we traveling by car, bus or plain, fiscal activity is down to minimum. Experts advising that we should take food mostly easy to digest. Therefore, instead of heavy sandwiches full of mayonnaise and ketchup, you should probably take more fruits or nuts. And since it is not easy with fresh fruits, Handful is here to help you. Handful is freeze dried fruit, 100% fruit, produced with special technology in a way to preserved all the food benefits w/o any additive or color added. Be sure that your child will get the right dose of healthiness.

Great news! Handful could be found on NIS gas stations now. And while you are taking gas, kids will get their snacks. Healthy and delicious, with no marks on the backseats.

Handful traveling with you!

Share your moment from traveling 🙂


Would you like it to be familiar with Handful?

During past few months we had a chance to present Handful snack, freeze dried fruit in retail pack in retail chains Merkatora, Roda, Bio Špajza and Univerexporta, in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

We continue in the same ritam, so look for our promo team and meet HANDFUL healthier snack which we believe that will be part of your everyday food routine. Healthy choice is looking for you!

See U,

Yours Handful


Handful at the International Trade Fair in Tirana

The company Vandrunen Farms Europe, together with businessman from Serbia, participated in the international economy fair in Tirana within the national pavilion of Serbia under the slogan:

„New energy – new solutions“.

This was a great opportunity for businessmen from the region to get acquainted with new Handful snacks that  was created in a unique way – from specially selected high-quality fresh fruit, which value was preserved by lyophilization technology.

Tirana International Fair is one of the most significant and visited events of its kind in the region and  this year it was held for the 26th time. The Fair brought together exhibitors from more than 20 countries.


Handful, the new fruit snack has arrived

Now you can find Handful, the 100% healthy fruit snack, gluten and artificial colors free, in retail stores Univerexport and Mercator in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sremska Kamenica and Subotica, as well as in healthy food stores Bio Špajz in Belgrade.

You can choose Handful snacks in five different flavors: pinapple, peach, strawberry, cherry and mix.

You can enjoy Handful low-calories snacks in different occasions – in any daytime as a snack or meal. We guarantee that the preparation of your breakfast, meal or desert will become more inspiring and easier, your mood better and life habits healthier.

Hurry and try Handful! You will enjoy it!


Handful MIX is the best and the most innovative sweet snack

At the recent Wabel Summit in Paris, the company Vandrunen Farms Europe received the Wabel grocery Summit best sweet snack reward.

Handful has been named the best and most innovative product in the natural snack category.

„This award is of particular importance to us, given that Handful is a new product that is just emerging, both domestically and regionally. In the last few years, the awareness of our customers is growing and the trend of healthier eating is becoming more present. It is important for the consumers that the food they consume is of good quality. Mentioned market needs are the key reason why in accordance with our company’s business development strategy it was decided to launch such a product“ says Marko Vermezović,  the Retail Manager Vandrunen Farms Europe.

Handful Mix gives you a hand full of flavors and vitamins created in a unique way – from specially selected highest quality fresh fruit, which value is preserved by lyophilization technology. Its packaging is completely adapted to the conditions and needs of modern lifestyles – it keeps the product fresh and you can take it with you anywhere.

Marko Vermezović, Retail Manager and Nenad Arsenov, Director of Vandrunen Farms Evropa


Handful at the celebration of July 4th…

Handful comes in 5 different flavors. A new healthier fruit snack produced using the lyophilisation process. In collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Van Drunen Farms Europe company is introducing Handful to the Serbian market during the summer – a new fruit snack, a cleverly designed nibble that can be consumed in different ways. Handful, a lyophilized fruit snack is 100% natural, without added sugar, artificial colors or gluten. It is made of top-quality fresh fruit. Thanks to fast freezing at very low temperatures and the subsequent dehydration of the fruit in a vacuum, the fruit structure and all nutritional values are preserved.

“The celebration of the United States of America’s Independence Day in Serbia was the right opportunity for announcing and presenting the Handful fruit snack, which will soon be available on the market in five different flavors” – said Nenad Arsenov, director of the Van Drunen Farms Europe company.

Van Drunen Farms Europe is part of the American identically named company from Momence, IL, which is a globally known leader in the production of freeze dried fruit and vegetables on the healthy food market. In 2002, the American knowledge, experience and technology of fruit processing using freeze drying were introduced to Serbia, namely to Banatsko Karađorđevo close to Zrenjanin, while dried fruit from Serbia is also exported throughout the world. “Following global trends, but also interrogating the needs of the healthy food market, we created Handful with the aim of offering consumers a unique multi-functional product.                                               


Nova zdravija grickalica od liofilizovanog voća.

Handful predstavlja prirodni izbor i dodatnu vrednost vašoj ishrani.

Upoznajte Handful, a u ostalo ćete se uveriti i sami...

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