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Holidays are here, and we all want to travel somewhere. But sometimes traveling with the kids is really challenging. Preparing meals for longer trip in car, thinking about activities for the kids and be careful with taking sugar and juices, is really challenging for every mom.

Food during the traveling is not only a need, but also can be used as a tool for limiting stress and boring. That is why it is important that snacking is not full of sugar which on the long way increasing the nerviouses.

One more important thing is mess in the car (garbage and papers out of sandwiches, sticky fingers, chocolate mess or stains out of fresh fruit…)

Handful is freeze dried snack, smartly design to keep the fruit on most natural way. There is no limitation when it comes to daily intake, it is 100% fruit, no additives, no sugar, no preservatives, only fruit. There is no artificial colors or sweetener. Handful will become your healthier choice.

Kids love it, and you will love it too :)


Handful at the International Trade Fair in Tirana

The company Vandrunen Farms Europe, together with businessman from Serbia, participated in the international economy fair in Tirana within the national pavilion of Serbia under the slogan:

„New energy – new solutions“.

This was a great opportunity for businessmen from the region to get acquainted with new Handful snacks that  was created in a unique way – from specially selected high-quality fresh fruit, which value was preserved by lyophilization technology.

Tirana International Fair is one of the most significant and visited events of its kind in the region and  this year it was held for the 26th time. The Fair brought together exhibitors from more than 20 countries.


Nova zdravija grickalica od liofilizovanog voća.

Handful predstavlja prirodni izbor i dodatnu vrednost vašoj ishrani.

Upoznajte Handful, a u ostalo ćete se uveriti i sami...

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