Handful pineapple icecream

Base for this vegan ice creams are frozen bananas and berries fruit. This time Vladimir (@agape.trpeza) is preparing real summer sweet out of our Handful freeze dried pineapple. Btw, Vladimir is running great blog full of useful information for vegetarian food and way of living.

For this recipe you need 2 frozen bananas, Handful pineapple and little coconut sugar. Blend it together and serve it. So easy and so delicious. For decoration we used Handful pineapple crunches.


Healthy cake with Handful pineapple

When it comes to healthy food adviser, she is one of the best. Zvezdana thank you for the wonderful cooperation.


100g butter, 2 eggs, 1 small spoon of vanilla extract, 80g hazelnut flour, 35g coconut flour, pinch of salt, 130g coconut sugar, 20g Handful freeze dried pineapple (1/2bag), 40g of dark chocolate

Preheat oven on 180 C degrease.

Melt butter and cool it down. Add eggs and vanilla and mixed together for an 2 minutes. All dried ingredients mixed together and add to wet ingreadients with spoon. Pineapple pieces add on the end.

Oiled baking pan with coconut oil and bake it around 50minutes. When its over, cut it and coat it with dark chocolate + pineapple pieces for decoration.

*Cake could stand in fridge for 3 days


Nova zdravija grickalica od liofilizovanog voća.

Handful predstavlja prirodni izbor i dodatnu vrednost vašoj ishrani.

Upoznajte Handful, a u ostalo ćete se uveriti i sami...

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