Recipe and photos : Sonja Lazukić (@sonjasillyworld)

Vanilla cream:

2 yolks;

60g sugar;

25g corn starch;

240ml milk;


Cream with Handful strawberry

80ml sour cream; 

1 bag Handful strawberry.


150g flour;

100g coconut flour;

pinch of salt;

50g sugar powder;

100g butter;



Heat oven on 160 degrees. Blend all dry ingredients, then add egg. On the end add very cold butter, cut in small pieces. Work it until pastry become ready for the next step. Roll out pastry with roller pin app on 0.5cm. Cut pieces with round modal, then put it in modal. Press each piece with beans or something heavy not to rise during the baking. Bake 15 minutes.

Cream preparation:

Meanwhile, add sugar in yolks and mix it until become lighter. Add corn starch and mix it. Milk heat in deeper pot not too hot.

Then add yolks with constant mixing.
Add vanilla and cooked on lower temperature still mixing. Leave it to cool down.

Cream with Handful strawberry:

Handful strawberries blend in dust. Mix sour cream and add Handful strawberries. Small biscuits fill with vanilla cram and on the end add cram with Handful strawberries and fresh fruits.