One of the shortcomings of our modern lifestyle is the lack of time to deal with important issues in raising our children. There are ever-growing challenges for parents not to give in to the multitude of pressures and choices surrounding us. Fast food has become a regular phenomenon and the constant balancing between preparation time and our desire to provide healthy and valuable meals for our children is becoming increasingly difficult.

This is where Handful emerged. We had a product being 100% natural and 100% healthy and it was important to us that people who really want to eat healthier can find a product on the market whose nutritional values completely satisfy their daily vitamin, mineral and potassium needs.

Handful, the new fruit snack, is a cleverly designed nibble that can be consumed in different ways. Handful, a lyophilized fruit snack, is 100% natural, without added sugar, artificial colors or gluten. It is made of top-quality fresh fruit. Thanks to fast freezing at very low temperatures and the subsequent dehydration of the fruit in a vacuum, the fruit structure and all nutritional values can be preserved.

In a package that can be carried anywhere (on excursions, to school, on public transport, etc…), you know that you provided your child with a nibble that contains nothing else than 100% fruit.